UniBuddy team is more than happy to answer your questions. However in order to save your time we invite you to read our FAQ first.

What services does UniBuddy offer?

The mission of UniBuddy is to help non-German speaking foreign students to settle smoothly in Germany. It includes to help them creating blocked account and to get right health insurance, to assist them setting all the registration documents up, to provide them with accommodation in Leipzig and to offer consultancy in many other things that are needed once they relocate to Germany. 

How do I apply for UniBuddy’s services?

There are various ways to contact us, such as filling out the contact form on our website, contacting us via UniBuddy’s facebook page or WhatsApp group. Choice is yours!

What are the UniBuddy’s working hours?

Our team works in accordance with the standard working hours in Germany. However, we understand that our target group is coming from  all around the globe where they live in different time zones. Therefore you can leave a massage to us via social media and we will stay in touch with you all the time. Your comfort does matter!

How is UniBuddy different from Studentenwerk’s buddy Program?

We work independently from Studentenwerk Leipzig. We offer you customized services and communicate with you in English to avoid misunderstanding and increase efficiency. One of the many advantages of UniBUddy is to offer you personalized service. We were in your shoes, so there is no one like us to understand you better.

Where can I meet UniBuddy’s team members in person?

You will find us in HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management’s campus.  

What is the relationship of UniBuddy with HHL?

We are current MBA students at HHL and we have intensive cooperation with HHL faculties, students, and Alumnus.

Is HHL responsible for UniBuddy’s service?

Besides the fact that we are proud of being HHL’partner, UniBuddy is an independent startup and HHL has no responsibility on our actions.

Where is the UniBuddy providing services?

At the moment UniBuddy focuses on the services in Leipzig, Germany. However, our goal for the near future to expand to all the major cities of Germany.

What payment methods does UniBuddy accept?

We accept payments in cash, bank transfer, and credit cards (via Paypal)

What is the price of UniBuddy’s service?

Please be informed that UniBuddy offers customized services and we discuss the prices based on the cases. What we guarantee is the price, that you will say “it is worth it!”.

Which language does UniBuddy support?

Our official language is English, but our Co-Founder team also speaks in German, Chinese, Polish, Spanish, Azerbaijani, Turkish and Russian.

How can I become a partner with UniBuddy?

Please contact us through our website or social app, our team will arrange a meeting with you.

Do I need to be a student to use UniBuddy’s service?

No, you do not need to be a student. We provide our service to everyone that might benefit from it.

Still have questions? We are more than happy to answer them! Ask it here.