UniBuddy is an easy, trustworthy and remote service provided to international students, with limited or no German proficiency, to start their life in Germany.


Our services


UniBuddy provides rental of private 1,2,3 room apartments with or without furniture offered at an affordable price.


We offer a health insurance, providing a contract and complete information in English, medical hotline in English and a list of English speaking doctors.


We provide assistance on other formalities, such as setting up a bank account, obtaining SIM card, facilitating city registration, setting up the internet and providing a pick-up service from Leipzig Airport.



 Why choose us?


  • Client Oriented: Everything we do is to solve your worries for a smooth integration
  • Experience: We have a vast experience in conquering numerous problems that foreign students experience 
  • Professional: We are proud of the quality and professional service we offer 
  • Integrity: We work with integrity, passion, honesty, fairness, and reliability
  • Partnership: We are a trustworthy buddy who collaborates closely with HHL